PROJECT [2021]

Future Wellness

{ Website: UX/UI Design }

This new fitness center wanted to set its services apart from the rest and connect with consumers while re-thinking their identity in the digital space. The outcome was an elegant website with a premium feel!
PROJECT [2020]


{ Cloud Software: UX/UI Design }

This project’s main goal is to develop a Concept Proof for energy management and indoor air quality solution in non-residential buildings, with a low implementation cost and that is highly adaptable, versatile, and low maintenance, autonomous enough to make better energy management decisions, according to the Industry 4.0. premises.
PROJECT [2019]

Pátio 25 apartments

{ Website & Reservation: UX/UI Design }

It was developed in an integrated way with Pátio 25’s “Channel Manager” to centralize all reservations (Airbnb,, and website) and increase and facilitating direct inquiries and reservations in Lisbon, Porto, and Algarve apartments.
PROJECT [2018]

Turismo das Flores

{ Website & Reservations: UX/UI Design }

A website with reservations and a content management system, with a big emphasis on visual content and a UX/UI design that allows you to easily browse and choose among the 1001 tourist experiences in the city of Porto and the Douro region.
PROJECT [2017]

Diagonal Seguros

{ Logo & Physical Media: Rebranding }

{ Website: UX/UI Design, CMS Implementation }

{ Insurance Simulator: UX/UI Cloud Software Design }

A modern and cohesive design experience throughout the marketing campaigns: main website, landing pages, social media, newsletters and email, flyers and printed proposals.
PROJECT [2018]


{ Cloud Software: UX/UI Design }

We were called to redesign SUCH’s software interface. It manages utility consumptions and green measures implementation in Portuguese National Health Service buildings and infrastructures.
PROJECT [2017]


{ Brand & Website: UX/UI and Graphic Design }

Tecnicloud just developed Payabi for a client and asked for a logo and presentation website, the result was an elegant and responsive single-page website that explains the features, advantages, and fees of this new all-in-one cloud-based software application.
PROJECT [2017]


{ Brand & Website: UX/UI and Graphic Design }

The Tecnitempo Group reached us to set one of their newest business areas apart from their core business by establishing a new brand and website from scratch.
PROJECT [2016]


{ Website: UX/UI Design }

The industry and the official entities of Sines’s council were partners in this project to promote sustainable industrial tourism. The challenge we were given, was to design an simple and responsive website that would provide all the information on the visits and itineraries available as well as on accommodation, restaurants, and other tourist landmarks in the area.
PROJECT [2018]


{ Rebranding & Pitch presentations: Graphic Design }

The Wemeter App was in a phase of consolidation and internationalization and we were asked to redesign all existing information, in order to communicate in a professional and elegant way with investors and partners.
PROJECT [2015]

Onekey Concepts

{ Brand & Physical Media: Graphic Design }

{ Website: UX/UI Design, CMS Implementation }

We were called to collaborate on this project even before there was a name. From naming the business through the creation of the brand to the monitoring of production. It was a turnkey project.